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A Thank You To My Understanding Clients

I recently announced to friends and family that my son, Charlie has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. The diagnosis was not a surprise to our family, as Charlie has been dealing with its effects since birth. He’s seen a number of physical, occupational, and speech therapists as well as countless doctors and specialists. His dense schedule obviously requires a great deal of time away from my desk.

Since he was born prematurely in October of 2009, I’ve maintained a sporadic work schedule of 3 days a week or less. As you can imagine, this takes a bit of a tole on my availability for clients. I’d like to think I’ve managed that balance relatively well, taking only projects I know I can complete. But I owe my clients a great thank you for their understanding and flexibility. In the past two years, not one client has asked me to choose work over family. Even when I’ve gotten behind on projects, or been unavailable for short periods, my clients have been respectful of my priorities and encouraged me to keep them straight.

As a stay-at-home father trying to raise a son; as a husband trying to pay the bills and support a wonderful wife; and as a guy who just wants to do good work; I am humbled and deeply appreciative. I hope to serve you all better in the future as I start to increase my work hours this summer. I’m very lucky to work for such great people across this country. Thank you.

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  • Recent Launches…Daddy’s Been Busy

    Lately I’ve been too busy to even think straight. That’s a good thing. Here are just a few new sites that have recently gone live. Every one of these sites has gone live since this fall. And each has been completed despite working only 3 days a week, as I enjoy staying home with my son Charlie the rest of the time. I’m quite proud of that.

    Fly Aspen/Snowmass

    Fly Aspen

    A jQuery-based interactive map for Aspen/Snowmass showing domestic flight routes from over 60 airports.

    Aspen/Snowmass Catering

    Aspen/Snowmass Catering

    This standalone site for ASC Catering is rich with progressive CSS3 techniques and uses freeCMS for client control.

    The Greenbrier in West Virginia

    The Greenbrier

    These email templates for The Greenbrier in West Virginia are a small sample of the extensive collection I created for this historic, 5-star brand.


    My second iteration of the Ogio site design comes with a full ecommerce component. Big and bold. Love it.

    Cannon Mountain, NH

    Cannon Mountain, NH

    Another repeat customer, Cannon’s 2011 site is larger, sleeker, and more banger than evern before.

    Utah Dairy Council

    Dairy Council of Utah/Nevada

    This design was a fun collaboration with the client and Agency Fusion in SLC.

    Basin Recreation

    Basin Recreation

    Basin Recreation manages a number of facilities, trails, and fields in the Park City area. It was an honor to do this small project.

    Canyons Group Sales

    Canyons Group Sales Newsletter

    Canyons Resort is now sending updates to meeting planners around the globe using this nifty new WordPress design, and a matching email template.

    P3 Pro Swing Golf Simulator

    P3 Pro Swing Golf Simulator

    This high-tech golf simulator has increased sales dramatically since launching this redesign. Guess design can translate into sales. Who knew?

    Graff PR

    Graff PR

    Park City PR superstar, Christa Graff has a spanking new website, showcasing her remarkable list of satisfied clients and luxury brands.

    Resmark Systems Reservation Back Office UI

    Resmark Systems Back Office Reservation System UI

    Resmark provides reservation systems for vacation and adventure companies, and was very excited to hammer out a new web-based application UI for their flagship desktop product.

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  • Guest Post for Slopefillers

    OK , so maybe I haven’t been keeping this blog up to date. But I was recently asked to submit some thoughts for the ski industry blog, Blog-meister Gregg Blanchard asked if I could help resort marketers feel better prepared to take on a site redesign project. What should they consider, and what steps should they take before hiring a designer or agency.

    The result was a 3-part checklist called “The Ultimate Ski Resort Website Redesign Checklist”.

    Part One: Ask Questions

    Part Two: Do Research

    Part Three: Pull It All Together

    My thanks to Gregg for the opportunity. Feel free to tell us what you thought.

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