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Justifying My Rate

This week I submitted a bid to a potential client  for a maintenance contract. He responded by asking me to justify my hourly rate. It’s a simple question but an important one. He wanted to know why I charge 25% more than his previous web professional. He said he even knew of an agency in Salt Lake (for print work) who also billed out 25% less than me. I was initially put off, but after wrestling with it all night I decided that it’s a very valid question. So I crafted this response which ultimately satisfied his curiosity. We have now started kicking off the project but I’m actually glad he asked me, because it was a nice self-affirmation process. Now I just hope I don’t disappoint him.

Anyway, here’s my response:

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  • To My Awesome Clients

    I was just writing up a couple new statements of work for some new clients. And I thought about how lucky  I am to be doing what I love and to have such great clients. So I added this little note into my contract.

    A Note About Client Satisfaction
    “My clients mean everything to me, professionally. I take tremendous pride in the quality of my work and in the satisfaction of my clients. I’m very lucky to love what I do for a living. The essential balance between my career and my personal life allows me to dedicate myself to clients and my family. I make every effort to work quickly, efficiently, honestly, and with your best interests in mind. What’s more is that I’m committed to accountability; something I feel is too often overlooked in this industry. My clients deserve my best effort and that requires an open dialogue. I always appreciate my clients’ feedback and I respectfully request your willingness to rely on my professional expertise, when it’s applicable. In return, I promise never to B.S. you or knowingly offer solutions that are less than optimal. This mutual commitment will allow us to produce a better product. And if something’s not right, I’ll make it right.”
    — Joe Myers

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  • Sunday River, Maine

    Sunday River 2010 website

    Sunday River 2010 website

    Among this years ski industry highlights were the redesign of,, and Sunday River, in Bethel, Maine represented a second round of design; a rare opportunity for repeat business. And for that I’m truly thankful. What’s more, is that Sunday River is the place where I learned to ski. Or rather, Sunday River is also where my wife (a former Sunday River ski instructor) first gave me that all-important, life-altering ultimatum: “Well you can either learn to ski or you can just be lonely all winter…”

    The design is a result of very specific and time-tested insight from the established veterans of Sunday River’s brand manager Nick Lambert, as well as the tenacious work of Sunday River’s tireless developer, Maria Silveira. My thanks go out to Sunday River for their cooperation and commitment to their core principles.

    As always, feel free to hit me up for insider tips on the design and/or css of this site.

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