home1This summer I had the pleasure of “refreshing” the look of the main resort site for The Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah. As my “home” resort, The Canyons is my preferred place to ski for its variety of uncrowded terrain. So it was an honor to be able to assist their marketing department with the new site.  The Canyons knew what they wanted so there wasn’t an unusual amount of creative exploration. Overall this project was a joy to work on and I’m very happy with the result. Thanks to The Canyons for letting me help on this project.


Details: The home page uses a large javascript slideshow which replaces the old Flash version I built them in 2004. The navigation sits in front of that div using z-index and negative margins to create a ribbon-style wrapping effect. Beneath the slideshow is a tabbed box that loads 5 different content objects using the Coda Slider JS by Niall Doherty. A graphic promo and on-board booking engine round out the bottom of the page.

Additional development credit goes to The Canyons Marketing Department and Max Kloeppel.